On the crowded trade show floor, it’s very important to stand out from the rest of the exhibitors. Very often attendees are looking for you but in the confusion and chaos of a busy expo, it can be a problem finding you. Hanging your branded sign up high in the hall is a very effective way to be found.

Hanging signs above your booth space is not only a great way to compliment your display but it really helps you to stand out among your competitors. In most cases, you need to have an island or peninsula booth, although some shows allow hanging signs over inline booths. It’s best to check the exhibitor manual before moving forward.

A very good option is what we call a fabric pillowcase graphic hung over an aluminum frame. The graphic actually covers both sides of the frame and is zippered along the top to encase the complete frame (like a pillowcase). They are lightweight, easy to assemble on-site and can be customized in a number of ways. There are many shape and size options of course, with 3 dimensional rings, squares, and triangle shapes plus 2 dimensional flat and curved panels.

You can also hang simple banners hung from grommets, or what I like to do, hang them from support poles. We put a pole pocket along the top and bottom of the banner and run a 1” pipe through the pockets. It keeps the banner from sagging, and when we add eye hooks to the end of the top pipe, it gives the riggers an easy place connect the hardware and wires.

Speaking of riggers, most halls require that you use their riggers, and that makes sense. We always want to make sure the signs are hung securely and are safe to walk under, and the riggers are professionally trained to make sure they are safe.

We hope this information is helpful as your marketing team starts planning your next trade show and event. Please call us at 262-432-8410 or use our contact form if you would like our help to integrate hanging signs into your next tradeshow and event.