Graphic Design Tips for Trade Show Exhibits

Whether you are designing a new exhibit or refreshing an existing display, making wise choices in your graphics can make or break the effectiveness of your time on the trade show floor? Are your graphics drawing people to your booth or leading to you being overlooked?

We’ve got 5 tips to keep in mind as you think through how your brand and company will be represented through your trade show exhibit graphics.

Number oneMaximize Your Graphical Real Estate

      • Your logo and tagline should appear in the upper third of your display
      • Additional info should be bulleted and at eye-level

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Use the Right Size and Resolution for Images

      • Make sure your images are high-quality, sharp and in focus

Be Thoughtful with Your Color Scheme

      • Your palette should complement your brand colors
      • Understand the impact of colors on emotions.

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Keep It Clean and Simple

      • Avoid busy background patterns
      • Use easy-to-read fonts, visible at a distance
      • Minimize cluttered graphics by using empty space. A good guide is for 40% of your graphics to be empty space

Re-enforce Your Brand Throughout the Display

      • Every element (banners, table throws, counters) should be consistent in use of logos, colors, fonts

If graphic design is not in your wheelhouse, we have good news for you! Captivate Exhibits has talented designers with years of experience in creating outstanding graphics for trade show displays. Get in touch today so we can work together to design captivating graphics for your trade show exhibit!