Wouldn’t it be nice if trade show booths worked like Alice in Wonderland…”Drink this and grow large; Eat this and shrink small?” Well, with some planning and expert advice, you can get that kind of flexibility when designing your exhibit.

The ability to scale up or down in exhibit size is critical if you are a multi-event exhibitor. Venue requirements and business demands change from show to show and the right exhibit design ensures you will have an eye-catching display, no matter the footprint you need to accommodate.

One of our long-term clients, Pure Fishing, exhibits at multiple events–some of which are geared towards distributors, while others cater to consumers. Their exhibit needs to be flexible enough to scale up for large industry shows, where multiple brands are showcased and scale down for smaller, more targeted regional events. During planning, the ability to re-purpose their display elements to fit multiple applications and footprints was a key consideration.

Here are a few images that demonstrate how one exhibit was constructed with scalability in mind:

80’ x 100’

40′ x 50′

20′ x 50′

Maybe your needs for scalability are a little more modest. A second example of a display that can reconfigure into multiple spaces is the display we created for Inpro. In this instance, they needed the ability to use their inline booth as both a 10’x10’ and 10’x20’ exhibit. By incorporating this need in the design phase, elements from graphics to lighting were carefully planned for flexibility in scaling up or down as needed.

Pro Tip! When envisioning how to scale up an exhibit design, consider adding rental elements to complete the display in its larger footprint.

10’ x 10’

10′ x 20′

Our designers have years of experience creating displays tailored to exhibitors’ specific needs. If you are looking for a flexible, scalable solution to your trade show and event challenges, get in touch today to start planning.