Trade Show Booth Rental

Have you ever considered that a trade show booth rental might be the right move for you?  The word “rental” can conjure up negative images – used, worn, or cookie-cutter can easily pop into your mind. It’s definitely time for a new mindset when it comes to a trade show booth rental and elements!

You have likely seen rental exhibits on the trade show floor and assumed you were looking at something custom – which shows you just how much a rental can be customized. With all the options of adding graphics and logos, making a rental item look custom-designed is easier than ever.

There are a range of reasons why renting makes sense. Take a look and see if any of these might apply to you:


  • Limited budget, but need to make a big impression.
  • Interested in trying different types of displays
  • Need to avoid storage and maintenance fees
  • New to trade shows and not ready to commit to owning an exhibit
  • Participating in more than one show at a time
  • Interested in adding to the look of an existing display
  • Hosting a one-time event

We have many clients who prefer to rent their exhibits each year, in part because of the financial advantages to renting. Exhibit ownership requires up-front payment and capital expenditures, while a rental can be expensed in the year it’s used. When renting, you’re not tied to the same booth size each time. It’s easy to update your graphics and get a different look for every show, and it’s the logical choice when you have more than one trade show happening at the same time.

If you have an existing display, the combination of rental and ownership keeps your exhibit creative and interesting while helping the attendees interact with you on the trade show floor. We offer just about anything you need, including counters, kiosks, and furniture, small tabletop displays and large, custom designed exhibits.

Our turn-key exhibit solutions can be straight off the shelf, or as many of our clients prefer, we can work together to create a modular design that will give your rental the look of a fully customized exhibit.

Get in touch today to discuss how you can leverage our rental inventory for your next trade show.