ExhibitorLIVE 2023

We were excited to send a team of four to this year’s EXHIBITORLIVE, America’s Largest Exhibition for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketers, held at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, KY.  Attendees enjoyed the chance to renew old friendships, make new connections, meet prospective clients and see some new products and services. It was clear that everyone was eager to reconnect and gear up for the rebounding trade show and event industry.

One of most enjoyable aspects of EXHIBITORLIVE 2023 was seeing the diverse range of exhibits on display. From cutting-edge technology solutions to innovative booth designs, the exhibition floor was a showcase of creativity and ingenuity. It provided attendees with a chance to explore the latest trends in the industry and discover new tools to enhance their trade show experiences. Here are a few of the trends and new products we took note of at the show.

Enhanced Meeting Spaces in Trade Show Exhibits

Meeting rooms are critical spaces to get right in a trade show booth. Exhibit halls can be quite loud, so carving out the space for conversations with prospective and existing customers is always a priority. We saw advances in this area through sound proofing insulation built into pre-assembled wall panels and options for ceiling structures for meeting room.

Light ‘er Up!

Lighting in a trade show exhibit can be used in a multitude of ways – to create a specific ambiance, to highlight a product, or to illuminate signage to grab attention. At EXHIBITORLIVE, we saw LED-lit aluminum extrusions and brighter, battery-powered lightboxes with impactful graphics…a great way to get attention and be green!

Technology Continues to Reign Supreme

Video walls were everywhere we turned at EXHIBITORLIVE. New designs help make the most of every inch of booth space with video wall tiles that curve and can even wrap around corners. Touch screens and and gamification (electronic games) leveraged tech to increase the interactivity of trade show booths.

Lead Retrieval Software Gets an Update

Maybe the number one reason companies choose to exhibit at trade shows is to connect with prospective customers and turn them into viable leads. It’s why companies offering lead retrieval software, some app-based with features like real-time CRM integration got plenty of interest at EXHIBITORLIVE. The software gathers leads, tracks ROI and some even come with games and multiple options for data entry.

Trade Show Booth Styles

Take note – rentals are big again. We saw expansive booths where every element was rented and booths were various elements, like tables, monitors, video screens, and comfy chairs were added to existing booths to keep them fresh and different.

Our team stopped in its tracks when we saw new ways to convert shipping containers into trade show booths. Talk about multi-purpose spaces!

Creative Marketing Tactics

Companies are learning to make the most of low-cost, high impact marketing tactics. From podcasts and social media teaser ads and dedicated booth websites, we saw many creative and engaging ways to get the word out about exhibits, companies and products.

Engaging Booth Visitors

The person-to-person element that underscores our entire industry remains critical to seeing any success at a trade show. Having a well-trained, engaging staff on hand to interact with booth visitors is still the best way to accelerate trade show ROI. At EXHIBITORLIVEwe also were entertained by creative booth themes, games and graphics we saw throughout the trade show floor.

It was a treat to be at EXHIBITORLIVE2023! Our team left Louisville energized by the vibe and the renewed connections. The creative exhibits and informational sessions truly created a dynamic environment for learning, discovery, and collaboration. We can’t wait put some of the trends and products we saw to good use as we create dynamic experiences for our clients.

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