Know Your Customers For Marketing Success

Want to Execute a Winning Marketing Strategy?

Start by focusing on your audience

A successful brand must know its customers really, really well.

A successful organization doesn’t just know its customers, they understands them. It’s important to look beyond your product and go deeper into how your brand achieves loyalty.

Create Customer Profiles

Establishing the criteria for who makes a good target audience is a process. It’s best to get key stakeholders together and map it out. Create a profile of what a successful customer looks like. One way to capture this type of information is to create buyer personas. Read more about this process here.

Know your ideal target customerAs you create your customer profiles, be specific. Different products or product lines may have different targets. That’s important to know and capture. Use these as your “ideal” targets. Identify what market segments these potential customers are living in.

Consider that ideal target audience and detail out how you address the needs, motivations, and pain points of that customer. Now you’re gaining some momentum.

Deliver on Non-Negotiables

Determine the non-negotiable essentials your customers expect you to deliver. Never fail on delivering these points; they are mission critical. Then, identify the things that energize or motivate your customers that make a difference and tip the scale in your favor. Develop a strategy and messaging to convey while assessing the best channels for communicating.

Once you know who, ask your team to consider:

  • What motivates our customers to buy our product or service?
  • What problems do we help our customers solve?
  • How do make things easier for our customers?
  • What do we do better than our competition?
  • Do we have a brand promise? Are we living up to it?

Build trust with marketing customersCustomers are more than a statistic or data point. Humanize your customers. It will go a long way it helping you connect with them and build brand loyalty. Trust is earned over time. Make sure your customers understand why your brand of products is the best choice to make their job easier, solve a problem for them, or to help them be more efficient and profitable.

Most importantly, always be consistent. Once you decide what you’re offering beyond the product, don’t veer from what you’ve promised. Customers have lots of choices, so disappointing them gives them a reason to leave.

Thoroughly understanding your customers and their motivations is the first step in any marketing effort, including your trade show (virtual or face-to-face) strategy. You will be able to make informed decisions on which events are worth your investment, hone your message to really resonate with your target audience, and ultimately see a greater ROE (Return on Engagement).

Reach out to one of our marketing professionals for more information on how to identify and connect with your target audience, on and off the trade show floor.

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