Hanging sign vs tower

We’re tackling the age-old debate of whether you should use hanging signs or towers in your trade show display (read to the end for our vote!). The decision between using a hanging sign or a tower at a trade show depends on several factors, as well as the goals you have for your trade show display. Both options have their own advantages and considerations. Let’s explore them:

Visibility on the Trade Show Floor

Hanging sign or towers at for your trade show display?Both hanging signs and towers can enhance the visibility of your booth. Hanging signs are suspended from the ceiling and can be seen from a distance across the trade show floor. This helps attract attention to your booth and makes it easier for attendees to locate you. Towers, on the other hand, are vertical structures that can be seen from various angles. If you want to attract attention from a distance, a hanging sign might be more effective. If you want a visually striking structure that stands out within close proximity, a tower may be the better choice.

Space Within Your Trade Show Exhibit

Hanging sign vs. towerConsider the floor space you have available at the trade show. Hanging signs utilize the vertical space above your booth, leaving the floor area clear for other displays, products, and interactions with visitors. Towers, on the other hand, occupy some of the floor space. If you have limited floor space or need booth areas for products and other elements, a hanging sign might be a better option.

Branding and Messaging

Evaluate your branding and messaging. Hanging signs provide a prominent space to display your company name, logo, and key messages—visible from different angles. Towers can also be customized with branding elements but may offer different opportunities for messaging, such as graphics and information displayed on multiple sides. They offer more surface area for your content and visuals and can be customized to include various features like built-in screens, product showcases, lighting effects, or interactive elements. This flexibility allows you to create an engaging and interactive experience for attendees.

Regulations and Logistics at the Trade Show Venue

Hanging sign or tower?Check the trade show regulations and guidelines regarding hanging signs and towers. Some venues may have restrictions on the size, height, and installation methods of these structures. Consider the logistics involved in setting up and dismantling the chosen option. Here is where cost may be a differentiator. While the cost of a hanging sign can vary depending on size, material, and customization, they generally tend to be less expensive than constructing a tower.

The decision between a hanging sign and a tower depends on your specific trade show objectives, branding strategy, space availability, and desired visitor engagement. We have many clients who combine these two elements to great effect. Reaping the benefits of both the visibility of a hanging sign, and the larger surface area of a tower.

Need help deciding on the elements you should include in your trade show display? Let our team of experts share their know-how with you and help you get the most out of your trade show investment. Contact us today!