benefits of face-to-face marketing

The pandemic pressed pause on the opportunities to meet face-to-face with your customers. During that time, multiple think pieces were published questioning whether face-to-face marketing was going to make a come back or if it was even necessary anymore. We never questioned whether people would want to meet face-to-face again. Why? We have had years of experience witnessing firsthand the value of connecting with prospects and customers in person.  The most successful businesses focus on relationship-building with their customers. For effective relationship building, you need positive interactions and conversations that demonstrate you want to know your customers and that their needs matter.

To prove our point, we’ve got Six Benefits of Face-to-Face Marketing for your consideration:

benefits of in person marketingGET ACQUAINTED

While we live in a heavy digital age, brands are still about people and relationships. Making an initial connection and impression is most effectively done in person where ideas and information can be freely shared in organic exchanges.


Knowing your customer’s needs, values and pain points can give you insights not readily accessible unless you are conversing face-to-face. Showing them you hear them and prioritize what is important to them creates a deeper, trusted relationship. Really knowing your customer’s needs and challenges and solving for them makes you the hero, sales will naturally follow.


The better you understand your customer’s business, the more effective you’ll be in delivering what they need, establishing trust and loyalty.

benefits of face to face marketingSHARE EXPERIENCES

It’s a basic human need to feel connected to others. Discovering things in common and sharing experiences fosters that feeling. Relatability, interest and likeability are key factors in building strong relationships. In person conversations lend themselves to reinforcing connection.


Every company wants to build trust, we all know trust is critical for customer loyalty. Face-to-face interactions are one of the best ways to instill confidence in customers. In person, customers and prospects can more easily take your measure and lay the foundations of a trusted partnership.

face to face marketingACTIVE LISTENING

Communicating online, whether in writing or on video invites the opportunity for distracted listening. Customers want to be heard and know they have your full, undivided attention. It is much more difficult for you to scroll a separate website or your phone if you are standing face-to-face with your customer!

Let us help you get the most out of your face-to-face marketing efforts. We have experts who know how to design and build exhibits that encourage connection, provide quiet spaces for conversations, and help you meet with prospects and clients to learn more about their needs. Get in touch today!