Taiwan Excellence at Summerfest Milwaukee

Taiwan brings its technology to one million eyeballs

60 x 40

This exhibit was a pop up display occupying an approximately 40 x 60 space at Milwaukee Summerfest grounds. The Taiwanese government sponsored this display to showcase a myriad of technological products and companies that are developing and producing consumer products for use and sale worldwide. Aluminum staging truss, free span tent, aluminum modular building systems, and stretch fabric on aluminum frames were utilized in the construction of the display. Approximately 1 million visitors walked through the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee over the 10-day festival. Short set up time, public space concerns and potential inclement weather conditions were taken into consideration when designing and building to insure a weather proof, wind resistant and public safety design build promotion.

  • Ample display area for Taiwan designed tech products
  • Secure storage after hours
  • Inclement weather optional display areas
  • Quick turn set and strike
  • High visibility branding
  • Weather resistant materials throughout the build


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