Three tips for staffing your trade show booth

Staffing your booth with the right people can mean the difference between collecting leads or watching the backs of prospective clients as they head to the next booth. We’ve got three tips to help you choose and prepare the right representatives for your organization’s next trade show.

Choose the Right People

Trade show booth staffingStart by finding out which of your team members want to work in-booth. It sounds simple, but by bringing in people with a desire to network and who excel in an exhibit atmosphere, you’re already giving yourself an advantage. Choose staff who are welcoming, people-friendly, and who know your business so you can establish a strong foundation with potential clients.

Define Your Roles

Establishing solid roles for your team, such as Host or Lead Generator, gives each person a niche to call their own during the show. Make sure every staff member inside of your booth knows their role and can do it proficiently, playing up their own strengths to improve your booth impact. This helps create the best possible experience for prospective clients and gives your staff clarity of purpose while representing your organization in the trade show booth.

Some important roles to include are a Crowd Gatherer to help direct traffic into your booth, a Host to welcome people, a Presenter or Demonstrator to show off your product and business features, and a Lead Generator or Sales Person to take orders, schedule appointments, and collect contact information for follow up after the show.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Before even leaving for the show, take time to educate your staff on best practices for success. Practice the tough conversations they may face, such as rejection scenarios or how to answer commonly asked questions about your business. This allows them to go in ready for anything and gives them a guide on how you’d like them to respond to potential clients so that your core values are always being well represented.

For more tips on executing a winning trade show strategy, connect with one of our professionals.