Custom Trade Show Exhibit


For many years, Captivate Exhibits has collaborated with Perlick Corporation to create dynamic exhibits that draw visitors in, and inform and engage them once they are in the trade show booth. This year, we worked together on an expansive, custom 30’ x 50’ immersive experience to showcase their residential products at the 2022 KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry) Show.

Client Trade Show Goals

Perlick has a strong hold in the commercial space for high-quality refrigeration products and recognized the need for the same in the residential space. Demand for their residential refrigeration offerings has grown and Perlick has met that need with dedicated manufacturing space and a focus on marketing their residential line of products. Part of this marketing effort included working with Captivate Exhibits on building an exhibit that would effectively reach interior designers, architects, and distributors at trade shows. Their goal for this exhibit was to create an intimate space that reflected a typical home, while at the same time allowing for ease of interaction among Perlick employees and booth visitors. Getting the ambiance of the space right, while also highlighting Perlick’s extensive product offerings was critical for a successful exhibit.

Exhibit Spaces Replicate Products in Home Settings

The 30’ x 50’ exhibit space, though expansive in size, has an intimate, home-like feel. This intentional design was achieved by designating vignettes throughout the space that showcased Perlick products in use in typical residential settings. 27 products were show in the following vignettes:

Custom Trade Show BoothDesign Center – this area was the largest component of the booth and included a large kitchen island. It showcased the full line of undercounter refrigeration products and offered seating for four visitors. We also included meeting space so the sales team could engage with designers and architects in the provided conversation area.

Outdoor Kitchens – At the front of the exhibit attendees entered into a replication of two outdoor kitchens, featuring Perlick’s complete line of outdoor refrigeration and grill partner Kalamazoo’s stainless-steel wood burning barbeque grills.

Large Custom Trade Show ExhibitHome Bar – The back bar as showcased at KBIS featured Perlick’s dual temperature zone technology, smart, stainless finishes, and ample storage for myriad refrigerated beverages. The Captivate designed, back bar display provided a neutral, well lighted backdrop that allowed the Perlick home bar units to take front stage.

Mobile Bar – Perlick’s Tobin Ellis Signature bar is the epidemy of ergonomic, mobile bar design for home and commercial use.  Placement of the bar in conjunction with Perlick’s home back bar invited attendees to view and experience a luxury, fully equipped, Home Bar lifestyle.

Nitro Coffee Station – a dual-function welcome desk where attendees could enjoy complimentary coffee, while also receiving product information and badge scanning.

Column Product Line – this dedicated space showcased Perlick’s full-height refrigerators, dual-zone wine coolers and full-height freezers.

Key Trade Show Booth Design Elements

Creating the Right Booth Ambiance

With the client’s goal of replicating a residence, we needed to address the cavernous ceiling height of a typical conference hall. To tackle this challenge, we designed the exhibit with a 12’ ceiling. The ceiling, plus rich carpeting throughout the booth helped minimize the typical volume of a trade show conference hall– allowing for easier conversation among the sales staff and booth visitors. Multiple entry points into the booth ensured the space never felt confining and that traffic could flow unimpeded throughout all areas of the exhibit.

Functional Areas for Booth Staff Comfort

We incorporated four secure, large backroom areas where staff could leave the floor for breaks. These areas included extensive materials and support literature storage. We included power sources so staff could easily charge their phones and laptops in a secure space.

Lighting and Signage Maximize Ambiance & Branding

Creative use of lighting reinforced the residential ambiance of the booth. We used extensive (40+) downlighting to highlight products, making sure to use LED with low amperage to minimize on- site electric costs.

A large overhead sign ensured the booth location and branding were visible from all ends of the convention hall. Graphics within the booth were backlit to maximize impact and visibility of the Perlick brand. To minimize shipping and handling costs, the booth graphics were constructed of lightweight materials.

Perlick’s custom 30’x50’ booth created a dynamic, inviting space that effectively showcased an extensive product line without overwhelming visitors. The optimal combination of functionality and clever design resulted in an intimate, homey environment for attendees to experience Perlick products.

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