Trade show exhibit rentals have become an increasingly popular option for businesses looking to showcase their products and services at industry events. Renting a trade show exhibit allows businesses to showcase their products and services in a professional, eye-catching way, without the expense of purchasing a custom exhibit outright. They offer a range of advantages, from greater flexibility in design to the ability to adapt quickly to changing marketing needs. Renting a trade show exhibit is a cost-effective solution for organizations who only attend a few trade shows per year, or for those who are just starting out in their industry and don’t yet have the budget for a custom exhibit. The reasons for considering a rental are varied:

When Renting is the Right Choice

      • Limited budget, but need to make a big impression.
      • Interested in trying different types of displays
      • Need to avoid storage and maintenance fees
      • New to trade shows and not ready to commit to owning an exhibit
      • Participating in more than one show at a time
      • Interested in adding to the look of an existing display
      • Hosting a one-time event

Types of Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

There are many different types of trade show exhibit rentals available, from basic pop-up displays to custom-designed modular exhibits. Pop-up displays are a popular choice for businesses on a tight budget, as they are lightweight, easy to transport, and can be set up quickly without the need for any special tools or equipment. These displays typically feature a simple frame with fabric or vinyl graphics that can be printed with the business’s logo, messaging, and product images.

For businesses looking for a more impressive display, custom-designed modular exhibits are a great option. These exhibits are made up of pre-designed components that can be assembled in a variety of configurations to create a unique exhibit that reflects the business’s branding and messaging. These exhibits can be tailored to fit the size and layout of the trade show booth, and can include features like interactive displays, product demos, and multimedia presentations.

Rental Exhibit Designs Can Be Customized

One of the key benefits of trade show exhibit rentals is the ability to customize the exhibit to suit a business’s specific needs. With rental exhibits, companies can select from a range of pre-designed booths or work with a trade show exhibit provider to create a custom exhibit that is tailored to their brand and messaging. This means that businesses can showcase their products and services in a way that is unique to their company, helping to differentiate them from their competitors. When renting a trade show exhibit, it’s important to work with a reputable vendor, like Captivate Exhibits, who can provide high-quality, well-maintained exhibits that will make a strong impression on attendees. Make sure your trade show partner provides a range of services, including exhibit design and setup, shipping and logistics, and on-site support during the event, and storage.

Flexibility is Key Benefit of Rental Trade Show Booths

Another advantage of trade show exhibit rentals is the flexibility they provide. Rather than committing to a single design for multiple events, companies can switch up their exhibit as often as they need to keep their marketing fresh and current. This can be particularly useful for businesses that are looking to test new markets or product lines, as it allows them to experiment without committing to a large upfront investment.

Limited Storage? Rental Exhibits Are a Perfect Solution

Trade show exhibit rentals are also a practical choice for businesses that have limited storage space or that participate in trade shows infrequently. Since rental exhibits are returned to the provider after each event, businesses don’t have to worry about storing the booth in between shows.

Exhibit Rentals are the Answer When Two Shows Fall on the Same Day

It’s hard to be in two places at one time! For those times when multiple shows are scheduled for the same timeframe, a rental can be the way to make it work. 

Rental Elements Add Pizazz to Existing Trade Show Booths

For businesses have made the investment in a custom booth, adding rental elements can be the route to take to change the look of a display from show to show, or to adapt an exhibit. When it comes to adding rental elements to an exhibit, the sky is really the limit.  From tables and chairs, to monitors, tablets, lighting and flooring, and structures, businesses can achieve an updated, fresh look for their existing exhibits without starting from scratch with a new booth.

Is it Custom or is it Rental?

There are doubters out there who don’t believe that a rental trade show exhibit can look like a fully-customized booth. The examples below show how we have worked with clients to design complete rental displays or mixed rental with custom elements to achieve a look that grabs attention on the trade show floor.

Trade show exhibit rentals provide businesses with a practical, cost-effective solution to participating in trade shows. With the ability to customize the exhibit to their specific needs, adapt quickly to changing marketing needs, and save money on upfront costs, rental trade show exhibits are an ideal way for some businesses to create a memorable and effective display that will help them stand out from the competition.

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